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How to Write an Essay Like an Irish – 7 Tips

In writing the essay Ireland, you need to know things you need to consider in order to make it as interesting and effective. Writing the essay needs enough time to construct a unique output that should be free from any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Here are some tips on how to write an essay that will help you to get started.

how to write an essay

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Steps in Writing the Essay in Ireland

  • Read the question carefully: knowing how to write an academic essay is important because you cannot write an exceptional essay if you do not know what to consider. Before you start, you need to read the question and highlight the keywords. If there are unfamiliar words, use the dictionary.
  • Finish any research or reading as a background to the essay: you need to use sources as much as possible. Make sure to write notes using your own words, write quotations that may be useful, but make sure the quotes sources are acknowledged. Do not also forget to take notes of sources, so they can be written in the bibliography and footnotes.
  • Brainstorm ideas: one of the essay writing tips to remember is to brainstorm ideas. You need to jot down all relevant points, make notes of any relevant quotes and evidence. To ensure and stimulate lateral thinking, use a mind map.
  • Develop a thesis: always remember that the thesis is a statement that expresses your overall response to the question. You need to avoid thesis that is too simplistic. Because your thesis statement is the backbone of your essay, you need to write it in the introduction part.
  • Write a plan: make sure your ideas are arranged in a logical sequence. Each point of your Irish essay opening paragraph should be relevant to the question. By the time that you have a completed plan, you can start writing because you now have a basis.
  • Introduction: it is where you open your discussion and where you introduce your thesis. It is also the section where you indicate how questions will be answered. It is also the portion where you name the texts that will be discussed. In your introduction, it is where you need to engage your readers so that they continue to read what you have written.
  • Main body: in the main body, make sure that every point is given a new paragraph. As much as possible, use phrases or words at the start of every paragraph indicating or leading readers how it is related to previous paragraphs. Make sure to begin every paragraph with a topic sentence that links your paragraph to the rest of the essay. In the main body, give supporting evidence for every point you make.
  • Conclusion: in conclusion, you should not present new ideas. In here, it is where you summarize your main ideas and demonstrate how you have proven your thesis. You need to finish your essay with thought provoking or interesting sentences.
  • Edit the draft: check for punctuation, grammar, and spelling. You need to get rid of sections, which are irrelevant and change some vocabulary in improving your expression.
  • Write the final copy: add bibliography or footnotes, if it is required.

advice on how to write an essay

Funny Mistakes in Irish Essays

  • If there is a single word to describe me, it is “perfectionist”
  • I was abducted to the national honor society
  • I want to be bilingual into 3 or more languages
  • I’ve made the horror role each semester
  • I love to attend a university where the foundation was built upon women

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Irish Idioms and Meaning

  • Slainte: cheers
  • What’s on: it means what’s up or what is going on
  • Craic: it means “where are the music, fun and good times?”
  • To go bog: it means to take it easy
  • Taking the piss: it means that a person is being made fun of
  • Happy days: it means great or awesome
  • Holiday: it is synonymous with the vacation overseas
  • Petrol: it means gas
  • Erin go bragh: it is used to show allegiance to Ireland
  • Away with the fairies: it means crazy, and just enjoy

Advice from Experts on How to Write an Essay in Dublin

  • Taylor Craig – according to Taylor, you can have a great essay by analyzing the essay prompt. An essential step is writing the essay is to comprehend the question. You need to know what the question is directly asking.
  • Susan M. Inez – she said in order to create a strong thesis statement, tell readers what your paper is about. Your thesis will set up the argument, so you need to think carefully about wording the thesis.

There you have some tips that you need to know how to write an Irish essay. Take your time and spend enough effort to put up a great essay. Our professional writers can help with your essay anywhere in Ireland. Just contact our 24/7 online support and get the best help with writing Irish essays!

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